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The Purpose Of Violence In Video Games - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 796 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Statistics Essay Did you like this example? Studies indicate that video games are one of the prime factors contributing to addiction and aggression. Yet numerous studies have found that video games dont contribute to these problems. Moreover, several groups have claimed that there are few if any methodically proven studies to support these reports, and that the video game industry has become an easy target for the media to be accountable for many contemporary problems. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Purpose Of Violence In Video Games" essay for you Create order Also, many researchers have proposed possible positive effects of video games on parts of communal and mental development and psychological well-being. It has been presented that action video game players have far better hand and eye coordination and visual and motor skills, such as their resistance to distraction and their sensitivity to information in the outlying vision and also their ability to count briefly presented objects than non-players. Purpose of violence in video games I believe that today our media reflects us as a culture. Besides that it also helps form that culture in turn. Humanity embraces violence, as shown by thousands and thousands of years of history. We desire peace while formulating war. Its a very human contrast. Why, then, wouldnt our most popular pastime involve the same clash? We want innovation; nevertheless we still seek out the experiential violence that we hanker as a species. I also believe that its far better to allow ourselves to shoot each other online in simulated virtual worlds than do so in real life. As I have explored video gaming as a cultural occurrence, Ive found that every players experience of games is completely different. My own non-violent trends color my responsiveness of games that are explicit in their subjects of war and violence and cruelty. I am not stating that i dont see the significance in such games, particularly when takingÂÂ  into account the existing modern culture. What has been an excellent instrument to exhibit how societies view and express themselves are written media, films and novels which expresses war, death , life and what it worth to be a human. I feel Video games are no different. They are reaching to a certain critical mass, in terms of technological ability and thematic scope that, I believe, will compete with the range and impact of film and books in a very short span of time. Hopefully, videogames mature into their full potential as a media and they begin to take on other themes and topics such as Love, and family, and working together i n society as much a part of being a human as war and violence. Problem Statement Purpose of Dissertation I am writing this dissertation to display how video games have matured, switching from the days of gentleÂÂ  Pac-ManÂÂ  clones to the gritty, sleazy underworlds ofÂÂ  Grand Theft Auto. Through this transformation, they have found critics and supporters. Though this may all seem recent, its a debate that has been boiling for years. Research Questions: What is the role of video games in the media world? With what can we evaluate the violence exposure and aggression? How is the attitude of viewers and players changing their values and behavior? What ways can help the field of gaming to be free of negative impact? Is there a significant evidence that exposure to media violence is a risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior? What is the conclusion of the issue of violence in relation to videogames? What effect does the violence in video games have on the users? What percentage of violence is accredited to video games? Methodology Contents About On Existing Information Practical Approach About This dissertations main object is to show the impact of violence in video games on todays culture and consumer preferences. The document will show both the negative and positive effects of violence in video games. On Existing Information It is made sure that all the information gathered through various electronic and traditional media are as current as possible. For this dissertation Ive used Google as my prime source material, while supplementing this thesis are various news websites like, and various relevant print media. Further more I would be researching books on video game violence and collect data from the already existing surveys and studies. Practical Approach My approach would be to show how violence in videogames shape the psychological behavior of the consumer and show what are the positive and negative effects of too much violence and graphic themes in modern day video games. I would be conducting various surveys and research on ground level, and based on most current controversial events that have occurred in the world of video games. Based on the demography of the recipient I would be taking some surveys that would have ask them their preferences and inclination towards graphic violence, nudity, gore etc.

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Essay about The Sociology of the Industrialization Process

Reaction Paper This chapter analyzes the social policy keeping under consideration the theories of sociology. The Sociological theories helps to understand the structure and dynamics of the industrialization process, and to resolve its concomitant social problems, like high levels of crime. It is concerned largely with urban societies, and seeks to understand how individuals fit into mass society, how inequalities based on race, gender and class arise and are perpetuated, how bureaucracies work. The process generated due to the critical analysis about society, which challenges what, is normally taken for granted; in order to lead to new insights Sociologists studied human interaction and organization. This helps policy makers to understand†¦show more content†¦The affirmative action refers to the positive efforts to employ group member and woman for job promotion and education opportunities. But many people think that affirmative action program poses reverse effect and devel oped decimation against whites and blacks males and females. This was reason a number of cases were debated on affirmative action in 1970s; similarly the Bakke’s case was one of them. In this case the Supreme Court ordered the medical university of California at Davis to admit the Alan Bakke, (a white engineer who were first denied for the admission). The Bakke case was fought on the inequality and in justification of imposing quota system, as he was in minority group. The court’s justice affirmed that behaviour and added that it is constitutional for universities to adopt flexible admission program that use race as one factor in decision-making. This decision was comparatively same in the 13th, 14th, 15th amendments Plessy v Ferguson decision and the implications of Brown v. Board of Education; who were highly stratified group; education is problematic; on the average earn much less than whites; good progress in political arena Supreme Court decision in the case of th e Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. African-American is currently the largest racial/ethnic group. The documents relate to the 14th Amendment. The chapters give a clearer representation of the unique experiences of Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans as wellShow MoreRelatedHas Canada Become a Post Industrial Society692 Words   |  3 PagesAssignment One Sociology 321 Zahra Nazir Has Canada become a post-industrial society? * What does â€Å"post-industrialism† mean and what are the main characteristics of â€Å"industrial† and â€Å"postindustrial† societies? * Using the concepts of â€Å"industrial† and â€Å"postindustrial† societies: How has work changed in Canada over time? (pg20,24) Is â€Å"postindustrial† a proper description for Canadian society today? Bell argued that postindustrial societies would engage most workers in the productionRead MoreIndustrialization During The Industrial Revolution913 Words   |  4 Pageseconomy that we still customized until this day. What is Industrialization? Industrialization is described as the development of modifying from an agriculture and artisanal social and economic system to an industrialized program. This process needs creating and implementing technological elements such as mechanization of and use of technological resources of energy. Moreover to developments in transport and technological progression, industrialization presented extensive public changes. Serfs and otherRead MoreJean Piaget Essay1593 Words   |  7 PagesJean Piaget was a major contributor to the world of psychology and sociology that we know today. His works and discoveries still help sociologist determine and figure out ways people in society interact and develop throughout time. Piaget was born on August 9, 1896 and was raised in Neuchà ¢tel, Switzerland (Boeree n.d.). His family was very influential to his success. His father was a historian that authored many writings on the medieval times, and his mother was very intellectual and kind, howeverRead More Discussing the Theory Modernization as a Cause of Secularization875 Words   |  4 Pagesquite sure how to generalize it, or even if it can be generalized. As industrialization and modernity has increased, religion has lost some of its social significance. This has been especially troubling for sociologists. Is it simply, as the classic theorists of secularization said a century ago, that when a society becomes modern it becomes secular too? Does modernity necessarily imply secularity? Secularization is a process of change as a society slowly migrates from close identification withRead MoreReading Of Roderick A. Ferguson s Aberrations Of Black : Towards A Queer Of Color1203 Words   |  5 Pagesof the main complacent thinking that characterized canonical sociology, Ferguson pushes for an engagement with racial knowledge about African American culture as it was produced by American sociology if one is to fully understand the gender and sexual variations within the African American culture. One of the principle assumptions of canonical sociology is represented by its use of cultural, racial and sexual differences in the process of pathologizing African American culture. By juxtaposing canonicalRead MoreMax Webers Theory of Rationalization Applied765 Words   |  3 PagesMax Webers has had a profound impact on sociology his theory of rationalisation and how it has changed social groups and society as a whole over time. According to Campbell (1981) Weber believed tha t understanding why people do the things they do is the basic building block of sociology, a concept he termed ‘Verstehen’. Weber believed that sociologists should not just study a group of people but also try to gain an empathetic understanding for the individuals in that group. Weber identified fourRead MoreSocial Change Essay1040 Words   |  5 Pagesperiods social change was often forced by disease, famine or war in modern times, social change has been increasingly linked to technology and the availability of information. Technological development is, in turn, associated with modernization, a process of social development through which societies move from one set of economic, political and social arrangements traditional to another modern. These transitions are not necessarily discrete. Within contemporary contexts, traditional forms of interactionRead MoreSocial Psychology1267 Words   |  6 Pagesthe theory whole. Simmel was a conflict theorist who sought to investigate pure or formal sociology by trying to understand the societal forms themselves. Pure sociology refers to the investigation of the forms of interaction that underlie political, economic, religious, and sexual behaviors. Simmel was inspired by social differentiation and he was interested in the change that urbanization, industrialization brought to society. Unlike the work of Mead, Simmels theories were non traditional and hisRead MoreThe Expansion Of Modernity By Ferdinand T ÓŚ Nnies1439 Words   |  6 Pagesof neither village nor city life when analyzing communities, in attempt to identify the main features and quality of each way of life. He coined the terms Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, which would later be used by one of the founders of modern sociology, Max Weber. He is considered to have set the precedent for seeing the Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft as opposing, mutually exclusive, sides of dichotomy. For TÃ" §nni es, Gemeinschaft involves a lasting form of living together whereas Gesellschaft involvesRead MoreDependency Theory And Globalization Theory866 Words   |  4 PagesSOC 1502 - Introduction to Sociology Written Assignment Unit 5 There is much criticism that modernization theory is Eurocentric. Do you think dependency theory and globalization theory are also biased? Why or why not? Yes I do think that both theories are biased, and somehow both have Eurocentric approaches. The globalization theory has failed to overcome the relationship with the dependency theory. To me both theories are highly abstract and they are also connected. For example, those in favor of

My Favourite Place to Visit Free Essays

I believe that everyone has their beautiful place in mind. I, Myself included when someone asked me what is my favourite place in my mind always have a thought of this place run straight to it. I have a wonderful place that always make me happy even though I don’t impress with any place at all. We will write a custom essay sample on My Favourite Place to Visit or any similar topic only for you Order Now The place is beautiful and is part of city I love where I spend whole year in it. This place is my host family’s house when I being exchange student in America. Mecosta is known for being upright rural county in Michigan. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this place is the most wonderful rural county I have been to. When I arrived at this place it was 9.00 I saw the front yellow-like-bronze color lamp in the yard with tall tree around the house. It was one floor house with front porch decorated by antique style table and chair. Also garage festoon by old coca-cola sign and 80’s style sign. The time I was there I spend most of the time I hanging out in the porch or garage. Once I was locked up while my host family goes to town for groceries and I was relaxing and forgot that the door was locked. That accident makes me take a deep look once more inside the garage. It contain many older sign of bud light’s commercial and some board and card game. Surprisingly there is also a bar inside it. When I feel worried I always go to the front porch of the house. The big tree around it and the leaves that falling down always calm me down. In the winter however the porch was covered by snow which looks even more fascinating than normal. The white snow cover the antique table and chair looks majestic like a knight with white shining armor. Even I have been gone from their for whole year now this place still hold dear in my mind. The beauty of rural forest with wild animals and trees. I always want to go back their even if there is no one live there anymore only the remain of what I hold dear in my heart. How to cite My Favourite Place to Visit, Papers

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The Women Essays - American Quakers, First-wave Feminism

The Women The women's suffrage party fought for years on the right to vote. They weren't going to stop until they got their right. For instance, Alice Paul organized a parade through Washington D.C. on inauguration day, which supported women's suffrage and also picketed the White House for 18 months. Paul was put in jail for that and started a hunger strike. Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Shanton supported the women's suffrage for fifty years later. Neither of them lived to see the 19th amendment ratified on August 26, 1920. The amendment was ratified under Wodrow Wilson as the President of the United States. Now with the 19th amendment, women have the right to own property, be employed, get an education, get a divorce, and get custody of children. They got all this with the right to vote. On August 26, 1995, It was the 75th anniversary of the 19th amendment. The women of the past showed the government that women weren't just meant for taking care of their husbands and children. In my opinion, what the women did in the past made the world a better place today for the women of the United States. 195 These are some of the important dates that happened during this period. Carrie Chapman Catt was the President of the National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) for many years. In 1903, Mary Dreier, Rheta Childe, Leonora O'Reily formed the women's trade union league. In 1913, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns organized the Congressional Union. It was formally known as the NWP- National Women's Party in 1916. In 1914 the NFWC (National Federate Women's Club) had more than two million white and colored women involved. In 1916, Jeannette Rakin of Montana became the first woman to be taken into the United States House Of Representatives. There were seventy-five women who had major roles in women's suffrage. They were ver important and did a lot of hard work for the women's suffrage. Some of them were: Susan Brownell Anthony arrested for trying to vote Elizabeth Cady Shanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments Alice Stone Blackwell was the recording secretary Harriot Stanton Blatch founder of the Women's Political Union Amelia Bloomer publisher defending women and how they dressed in New York. Lucy Burns helped organized the Congressional Union Carrie Lane Chapman Catt became president in 1915 Lucretia Coffin Mott started the first women's rights convention with Stanton and her sister Martha Wright in New York Anna Howard Shaw was President from 1904 to 1915 Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a book about women independence. Alice Paul picketed the White House for women's suffrage 240 WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE By definition, women's suffrage is the right for women to vote. Women's suffrage started back as far as the 1600's. I am going to talk about the 1800's. Women's suffrage upset many women in the United States. Women were known to be in the home at all times. They were there to give care for the their husbands and children. Politicians feared women coming in the political race because they thought that women might vote them out of office. In the early 19th century, women were considered second class citizens. Often after marriage they weren't allowed to own property. It was also improper for women to speak in public alone. They were told to refrain from getting an education. Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton set women's suffrage in 1848 at the Women's Right Convention in Seneca Falls, New York Falls Elizabeth Cady Stanton decided to make her own declaration called The Declaration of Sentiments by using the Declaration of Independence as her guidelines. RESOULTION 9 was the women had the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was arrested for attempting to vote for Ulysses S. Grant in the 1872 presidential elections. It wasn't just in the United States that women's suffrage was going on. It was going on all over the world. It was going on in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Italy. In Canada, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan got the right to vote in 1916. Quebec didn't get the right to vote until 1940. In Mexico, women got the right to vote in1953. In Great Britain, all women got the right to vote in 1928. In Scandinavia, in Finland, they had the right to vote in1916. Before WWI women

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Cruise Western Caribbean Cruise Tourism Essays

Cruise Western Caribbean Cruise Tourism Essays Cruise Western Caribbean Cruise Tourism Essay Cruise Western Caribbean Cruise Tourism Essay Peoples are really fond of going. They arrange their field daies for touristry. They can acquire the chance to watch the breathtaking waterfalls, exuberant rain forests, enrapturing beaches, and exciting night life. These are some of the attractive forces you can avail in the 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 twenty-four hours Carnival Western Caribbean sail. The best characteristic is the pulverization soft sand on the beach and you can loosen up on it. You can besides acquire the installation of swimming with stingrays. You can easy see local wildlife home grounds. If you are affectionate of escapade, so you can certainly happen it in the Western Caribbean. Either you are looking for relaxation or diversion, Western Caribbean provides you the best chance. There are many offers for the people to acquire the chance of availing the installation of museums in United States of America. Bank of America provides the chance to the people to see the museum at no cost normally on the first weekend of every month. About more than 150 popular cultural landmarks are taking portion in Museums on US and they are offering the best installations to the people. Museums on US play an of import function to increase entree to the humanistic disciplines across the United States. If you are eager to measure up for Museums on US, you can demo your recognition or debit card along with a exposure ID. How to avail the inexpensive Airfares to Hawaii? Hawaii is one of the best topographic points for diversion and touristry. Many people are interested in sing the different topographic points where they can bask their vacations. The chief job is to acquire the inexpensive rates for the travelling. Normally when you are eager to travel at aeroplane, you need to acquire the ticket by paying heavy sum. There are many trip advisers who are working in different parts. You can easy avail the inexpensive Airfares to Hawaii by acquiring the advice from them. Some going agents are besides working in different parts which are offering particular bundle to the people for touristry. You can besides travel in groups to avail the discounted bundles. Peoples are really acute to see to the different topographic points for diversion to pass the vacations. They need the proper travelling installations to bask their trip every bit good. Hotline is one of the top suppliers of the going installation. They are offering the particular rates to the people harmonizing to their demand. They are offering the best installation to the people in availing the hotels. You merely necessitate to pay the on-line payment or you can besides pay the offline payment at their office. To acquire the last minute price reduction travel from Hotline, you can see their web site for booking of your touristry. They are besides supplying the offers of best rates. 6 What are some of the hotel trades of Las Vegas? If you are willing to bask your vacations, you can see different topographic points. There are many topographic points located in different parts of the universe which are offering the best beginning of diversion. Many people like to travel to different parts of the universe with their households. They need the topographic point to pass their vacations. Hotels are the best topographic points for them. If you are sing the Las Vegas, so you can easy avail the offers of the hotels. Some of the traders are supplying the price reductions on Las Vegas shows, hotels, hotel bundles and Tourss. You can reach the traders to avail these particular bundles for passing the vacations or trip. 7 What are the chances of flights to Las Vegas from New York? Peoples are really eager to see different topographic points in their trim clip. They like to see the picnic musca volitanss. The first job that arises during the planning of trip is travel. You need the proper beginning of travel which is inexpensive and better for you. You can avail the on-line handiness of the offers of the flights to Las Vegas from New York at particular discounted rates. Some people are seeking their best in acquiring the discounted rates from these web sites. The first thing that you should make is to register yourself and book your ticket. The engagement is really necessary because they have to set up the particular bundle for the groups of people. 8 What are the chances of acquiring the last infinitesimal hotel reserves in Singapore? Singapore is full of the attractive topographic points. Many people are really interested in sing the Singapore due to the handiness of the different historical and oculus catching topographic points. It is considered to be one of the top touristry topographic points. If you are new in Singapore so decidedly you need the topographic point to remain. Hotels are available in Singapore and you can avail the chances of acquiring the last infinitesimal hotel reserves in Singapore by sing the hotels available at your nearest picnic topographic point. You can besides seek the offers at the cyberspace to acquire the chance of discounted rates. You can book the hotel online as good. 9 How to acquire international flight trades from Washington DC online? Peoples are really acute in sing the different topographic points of the universe. They need the alteration in their life to acquire diversion in their vacations. Many people are seeking to avail the particular discounted rates for sing the other topographic points. If you are interested in sing the Washington DC, you can easy acquire the chance of particular offers of online travel bureaus. They will besides supply you the going installation. You merely hold to book your tickets from the online websites. You can acquire the discounted rates if you are with your household. They will besides offer the topographic point for remaining at that place. You merely have to pay the progress sum to them. 10 How to acquire price reduction at hotel suites in Las Vegas NV? Las Vegas NV is one of the beautiful topographic points of the universe which is full of the attractive verdure, edifices, picnic musca volitanss, Parkss, etc. If you are be aftering your trip to Las Vegas NV, you should pass the twosome of hebdomads at Las Vegas NV. This is the chance for the people where they can pass their vacations easy. To acquire the price reduction at hotel suites in Las Vegas NV, you need to reach the offices of going agents. They will state you about the hotels available in their scope. They will besides set up the topographic point for you where you can acquire the discounted rates by booking the suites at their online web sites. 11 How to avail the inexpensive hotel trades in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is considered to be the most thickly settled metropolis of the province Nevada. It is really celebrated for its oculus catching attractive forces. Peoples like to see to Las Vegas to pass their vacations with their households. They can bask at the beautiful topographic points. When you visit the Las Vegas, you need to acquire a topographic point for life to pass your vacations. You can acquire the offers of the hotels. Many hotels are available for the tourers. They can acquire the discounted bundles every bit good. To avail the inexpensive hotel trades in Las Vegas, you have to reach the traders of the hotels or travel agents for particular bundles particularly in summer holidaies. 12 Can you state about the Expedia Air Travel and their rental autos? Expedia Air Travel is one of the top travel agents which are working in different parts of the universe. They are offering the particular bundles to the people for the trip. Many people like to pass their summer holidaies in different parts of the universe. You can reach the Expedia Air Travel for acquiring the proper counsel of the trip. You can besides acquire the autos at rent from them. They will offer the service of new waves, autos, coachs, etc. for the people with the handiness of the driver every bit good. You can besides acquire their travelling services without drivers. You merely necessitate to look into their offers and get down your engagement. 13 How to acquire the air travel sites flight online? Many people try to see to the different parts for their concern. Some people besides visit to the foreign countries for their field day and diversion. They need the particular bundles for going by air. Online handiness of the offers of the travelling is acquiring the attractive force of the people. Particularly the business communities are really funny about acquiring the particular discounted bundles to spread out their concern in different parts. To acquire the air travel sites flight online, you can see the different web sites. You can look into their offers, and if they suit you, you can easy book your trip. The best manner is to compare the rates and read the reappraisals of the people. 14 How can you watch free online travel pictures of Ireland? Ireland is one of the beautiful topographic points of the universe. It is full of the exuberant verdure and beautiful topographic points. Peoples can bask their vacations in Ireland to avail the best chances of touristry. If you are new visitant in Ireland, you need the proper counsel to see the topographic points of Ireland. There are many ushers available at the picnic musca volitanss for the tourers. You can besides acquire the chance of the online picture. By watching the picture, you can easy detect the topographic points and bask your circuit. You can acquire it from the available web sites. You can besides watch it at the YouTube for free. Tourism websites besides provide free pictures. 15 Can you state about hotel reserves in Chicago Downtown? Chicago Downtown is the metropolis of the province Illinois. Peoples of different parts like to make go in different parts of the universe. Some people are really acute about their wellness, and they like to see the topographic points holding the installation of the exercising and fresh ambiance. Businessmens like to research their concern by sing in different parts of the universe. If you visit the Chicago Downtown, you need the topographic point to pass your clip. You can take the aid of the hotels available in Chicago Downtown. Hotel reserves in Chicago Downtown let you to book the suites online. You can besides reserve the tabular array for tiffin or dinner at your specific clip. How can you acquire attractive forces in New Jersey for childs? New Jersey is the province of the United States. Peoples like to see to the topographic points of diversion. They like to bask their clip with their households, friends, kids, etc. They can see the picnic musca volitanss or Parkss with them. New Jersey offers the installation of enjoyment topographic points for the childs. Such as, amusement Parkss play lands, Parkss, etc. Childs enjoy their clip with their friends either with school trips or the circuits arranged by households. You can supply the proper playing equipment to the childs. You can give them football, baseball, volley ball, etc. to give them the chance to play and pattern their athleticss and games which are really necessary to do their organic structure tantrum. What is the best clip to purchase plane tickets? If you are affectionate of going from one topographic point to another, you can easy acquire the chance by going it by plane. You can purchase the plane tickets at any clip you want. But sometimes the haste of people for acquiring the plane tickets increases. Peoples have to wait in the waiting line for several hours. This haste is normally during the summer holidaies, when everybody wants to see to the other states, topographic points, towns, etc. The best clip for purchasing the plane tickets is the forenoon clip in the haste hours. You can come early in the forenoon when the office will open and easy purchase the plane tickets from them. What are bed and breakfast formulas related to baked oatmeal? Peoples like to acquire the recopies related to the cookery. Particularly breakfast recopies because normally people don amp ; acirc ; ˆâ„ ¢t like to eat breakfast. But if the breakfast is cooked good and it is something new so people surly want to eat the breakfast. Bed and breakfast formulas related to baked burgoo Tells that you can add different veggies in the omelet. You can add the onion, green chili, boiled murphy, tomato, etc. The other formula is to add some meat in the omelet. It makes the gustatory sensation of omelet really tasty. You can besides function the field omelet to the people, who are non vegetarian. You can function it with sauce, catsup, etc. How can you avail the free entryway in museums on US plan? Museums provide the best information to the people sing the history things. Peoples like to see the museums to acquire the information related to their surveies of history. Peoples have tried to avail the best offers of the museums at the particular yearss. The particular yearss of museums allow you to acquire the free entryway ticket. To avail the free entryway in museums on US plan, you need the particular offers of the US plan. They give you the base on balls or particular free ticket to come in in the museum. Then you can acquire the information related to your work on US plan easy and do the study you want. What are some of the best nuptials finishs? Many finishs are available for the people to set up their nuptials easy. Such as Parkss, campsites, marrying hotels, and halls, etc. You can set up your nuptials anyplace you want. You can easy set up it in the Parks. you can reach the interior designers of the nuptials topographic point specializer. They will adorn the full topographic point harmonizing to your demand. You can besides set up your nuptials at the campsite. These campsites allow you to acquire a really big infinite for set uping the nuptials. You need to reach the specializer interior designers to adorn the campsites for the nuptials. You can besides acquire the chance of premade nuptials hotels and finishs for your nuptials. All things are pre decorated.

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The Northern Lowlands Region of the Maya Civilization

The Northern Lowlands Region of the Maya Civilization The Maya lowlands are where the Classic Maya civilization arose. An extensive area including almost some 250,000 square kilometers, the Maya lowlands are located in the northern part of Central America, in the Yucatan peninsula, Guatemala and Belize below approximately 800 meters above sea level. There is little exposed surface water: what there is can be found in lakes in the Peten, swamps and cenotes, natural sinkholes created by the Chicxulub crater impact. But the area receives tropical rainfall in its rainy season (May- January), from 20 inches a year in the southern part to a whopping 147 inches in the northern Yucatan. The area is characterized by shallow or waterlogged soils, and was once covered in dense tropical forests. The forests harbored a range of animals, including two kinds of deer, peccary, tapir, jaguar, and several species of monkeys. The lowland Maya grew avocado, beans, chili peppers, squash, cacao and maize, and raised turkeys. Sites in the Maya Lowlands Mexico: Dzibilchaltun, Mayapan, Uxmal, Tulum, Ek Balam, Labna, Calakmul, Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak, Coba Belize: Altun Ha, Pulltrouser Swamp, Xunantunich, Lamanai Guatemala: El Mirador, Piedras Negras, Nakbe, Tikal, Ceibal Sources This glossary entry is part of the Guide to the Maya Civilization and the Dictionary of Archaeology. See the Maya Civilization bibliography Ball, Joseph W. 2001. The Maya Lowlands North. pp. 433-441 in Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America, edited by Susan Toby Evans and David L. Webster. Garland, New York City. Houston, Stephen D. 2001. The Maya Lowlands South. pp. 441-447 in Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America, edited by Susan Toby Evans and David L. Webster. Garland, New York City.

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Clinical biochemistry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Clinical biochemistry - Essay Example ncerned with the whole disease range, and it mainly relies on detection of changes in the various components such as proteins, electrolytes and enzymes in blood serum and the other body fluids (Varcoe 2001). Clinical biochemistry also relies on the laboratory tests carried out on samples of patients’ body fluids. Obesity is an illness that results when the body accumulates excess fats to levels that cause a great deal of effects on the health of the person. This occurs when the body mass index of the person is above 30kg/m2. Obesity is mainly caused by excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats and lack of physical exercise of the body, and in some cases it is genetic while in others, it may result from endocrine disorders and medical complications. Obesity is a major threat to the lives of persons since most people do not realize that they have the condition until it is in its late severe stages. However, obesity can be treated or managed by dieting and doing physical exercises. Other models of managing obesity are the use of medical drugs that many people have opted to use. However, with the advancement and growth in the technological industry; and its wide application in almost every field, in the world, the medical discipline is no exception. The development of equipment that are used in treatment and management of various medical conditions has been a great boost in the fight towards a healthy society. The health of individuals is very critical, and thus the development of the field of clinical biochemistry has really advanced that fight. The incorporation of this advanced technology in the fight against obesity is clearly a great boost to helping the obese patient. The application of the clinical biochemistry technology in dealing with the obese patient is very wide. Biochemical analysis contribute in management of the obese patient since through the various tests carried out on samples of the patient’s blood; the condition is detected. Some of the